Saturday, December 22, 2007

Shanghai byebye.

I'm gonna be touring around Beijing and xian tommorow to give Billiam a bit more of a historical context to his first visit to china. Shanghai's quite cosmopolitan compared to Los angeles in a worldly cultural sense, but doesnt really represent the rest of the country, because it feels so modern and integrated with foreigners. Shanghainese are also really rude and cant give directions worth crap. That's my two cents on shang hai so far. I don't have much internet access other than leeching off my brother's labtop so I'll have to make this rather quick. He was nice enough to put my midterm animation project up on youtube, so here it is, with flaws and all. Still, I like the concept and experimental approach.

After the tour, next is camping in hawaii. Very excite. gotta paint as much as I can in between.