Monday, August 27, 2007

bad times, good times.

got inspired to do these during an emotional slump of sorts. I don't like how either of them turned out, but I liked the concept of the one with the girl blind folded and tying herself up which I filched from an old college classmate back in michigan. She did an awesome big oil painting of a girl blind folded and tied up looking away which really accurately describes me in a nutshell, despite probably being about her own demons. Art's funny in that way isn't it? I really hope that girl hasn't drunk herself to a lullish stupor due to her depression and instead makes wonderful paintings to channel her energies into. the other one with the dog is a unsuccessful attempt at 3 point perspective, but I like the dog, so I put it up anyway.

Monday, August 13, 2007

new yawwwk (murky crappy apartment)!

So the new york wig wearing photos didn't turn out so well, since there were tons of orange streaky light leaks and underexposed murkiness going on, but somehow I thought it make for a cool moody type of setting. combined a few somewhat visible photos here and there and started with this, so we'll see what happens with it when I'm finished..

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

This should be called the 'billiam art' blog.

I just got back from michigan/new york and must say that I haven't been making anything worthwhile since leaving... but this drawing amused me, I was pleasantly surprised to learn from my mom that there is the chinese word for 'naked' in the text, so maybe somehow the text and image actually might be somewhat relevant.